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I’m still alive

I know I haven’t been active on here or twitter lately. There are a lot of reasons for that but I am not going into it here right now. I have been posting regularly on Tumblr: http://plague-of-insomnia.com and AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/users/chiealeman/pseuds/plague%20of%20insomnia I … Continue reading

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Still Here!

Hey, everyone! I know it’s been ages since most of you have seen me around (unless you follow me on twitter). I’m really sorry for not updating this site in all that time, but the past couple years have been … Continue reading

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In/Exhale – S3 Continuing August 8

Update: I wasn’t able to finish the synopsis (“Previously on…”) in time, so I pushed the start date up a week to August 8. I’ll be posting the synopsis as soon as I finish it. I apologize for the delay. … Continue reading

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Painsomnia: When Pain Steals My Sleep

Update: A version of this post has been published on The Mighty website! This morning I sat at the kitchen table and cried. Alone, while my dogs were napping after their breakfasts and my husband was in the shower getting ready … Continue reading

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In/Exhale – Season 3 – Update

Hey, everyone! I accidentally made an error in the order of the last couple posts of Season 3 on here. I’ve fixed it. You can also always use the index page for the series to make sure you’re reading in … Continue reading

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Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend: An Update

I don’t talk about myself much, especially what really goes on in the depths of my mind, except for what comes out in my writing. Kai and I are a lot alike in that way, although he sometimes is more … Continue reading

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Where’s Chie?

Hey, everyone. So I know I haven’t posted here in a long time. And I’m sorry for that, but the honest truth is I haven’t been able to do much of anything lately. Remember when I posted about my headache … Continue reading

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Upcoming Series: In/Exhale Character Bios

Hey, everyone! The third season of In/Exhale will be starting up shortly, and I know there’s a huge cast of characters to keep track of. So I thought it might be fun to have a character list and every week (or … Continue reading

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  Hey, everyone! Thanks for helping make a great launch week for UnConventional. Thanks for all your support and feedback. I really appreciate it! Instead of a blog post with more music or something else, I wanted to do a little … Continue reading

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Where has Chie Been??

This summer has just swallowed me whole. I’m sorry! Here’s a brief update on what I’ve been up to: The first half of summer, I was taking two ASL classes, which meant I was in class every day for several … Continue reading

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