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  1. Adoro says:

    Just read UnConventional over the holidays and loved it! I hope you publish more. What an amazing hero! Thank you for publishing it.

    • Andrea says:

      Dear Chie,
      I read your book “Unconventional” and really loved it. So I checked your website and downloaded The “In/Exhale” Season 1 & 2 also… and what can I say!? I got totally addicted and couldn´t stop reading. It is such a truely touching story and I am just so sad I finished it already… I think I need to read it all over again.
      Thank you so much for publishing it. Merry Christmas and greetings from Germany

  2. Serena Fritz says:

    Are you still by chance going to publish UnDeniable. Just wondering if I missed it. Thank you. I love the first book.


    • Chie Alemán says:

      I’m really glad you enjoyed UnConventional! As of right now, I’ve been pretty sick so I haven’t been able to write much. I do hope to get UnDeniable written and published at some point, though. Thank you for your feedback!

  3. natalia Schonfeld says:

    Dear Chie first of all I’m sorry for My English. I’m argentinian and I’m a fan of your stories. I HAVE Belen read In exhale season one and two four years ahí and now I was reading again because I want to read The season three. But today I had a problem with The Paradevo site and I can’t find The old stories only the titles. It’s terrible for me. What can I do? I really want to read your story. I loved Unconventional too. But Kai and Jon stoled My heart
    Can you send me The stories maybe? It’s very important for me!
    Waiting for your reply

    • Chie Alemán says:

      Lo siento que hace mucho tiempo que no he respondido…! Lo siento!! Mi espanol es… pues. No puedo comunicar en espanol iqual como ingles. Hace tiempo, Paradevo se mudo al otro website…. y por eso, los links no functiona bien…. pero los capitolos todavia estan ayi y si se puede leerlo… Porque tengo un enfermo chronico, no tenia la energia por cambiar los links en el nuevo website. Lo siento…. Y tambien no pudiera hacer un “ebook” por estacion tres. Pero ahora voy a buscar si pudiera encontra los capitolos de estacion 3…


        Dear Chie, it’s me again. I was finally able to read all three seasons of In Exhale and I just found your answer too. What can I say? I am totally captivated by the story. I know you have been ill and I am sorry, I wish you could feel better and that you can also resume your wonderful writing. From Argentina you have a great fan who is eagerly awaiting the fourth season of In Exhale. I wish you a very happy new year!

        • Chie Alemán says:

          I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed S1-3 of I/E!! I’m working on the ebook of S3 right now, and hope to have it out this summmer. I’m also slowly getting started on S4. It’s unlikely I’ll be posting it this year, but hopefully I can maybe get it rolling in 2023. Tysm for your support :)!

  4. Lukd says:

    Hi I was wondering if you were still going to publish UnDeniable because I really enjoyed UnConventional and can’t wait to read from Santiago’s point of view.

    • Chie Alemán says:

      Hi, I’m really glad you enjoyed UnConventional and are eager for a sequel. As of right now, unfortunately I don’t have any plans to work on UnDeniable, due to my health issues and having to prioritize certain things. But maybe I can get to it someday, even if I end up only doing a little short story with his POV, I think that would be nice. I’m sorry this reply is so delayed as I don’t have the chance to check these too often. 🙂

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