I pride myself in producing detailed, realistic characters and situations. Here’s some praise for my writing.


Overall, you obviously have a strong grasp of the direct physical effects of disability, and indirect, emotional aspects.  Each person reacts differently, but there is some commonality, and insecurity regarding the reactions of others is quite common.  This does not mean the person is insecure in general (though they may be), but insecure about how a potential intimate partner may react strongly resonated with me. . . . [I]t is refreshing to read a story where the author has a strong grasp of the various aspects of the story, and not just a few core elements.  It not only makes the story credible, it allows the reader to remain captivated, instead of distracting them with silly oversights.

-Michael Dolan, on UnConventional

I think your writing truly humanizes Kai’s struggle with his disability. I don’t know how you so easily empathize with those challenges; I can put myself in his shoes and point to similar emotions I’ve felt. . . . I mean, I would have thought you yourself have dealt with those issues in your own personal experience.

You write about living with a disability like I would. . . . That’s really a special ability to have. . . . I get the sense that you truly let yourself feel what you’re writing in your core. So when Kai is going through some anxiety and really trying to reassure himself that it’s a fresh start, whatever is haunting him from the past doesn’t have to. . . . I have lived that, and I feel like you have too, which is why I feel connected.

-Jordan Turkenkopf on In/Exhale


[A] compelling and lovely book. . . . It. Is. Flawless. Beautifully written, easy to read and throughly enjoyable.

It’s About the Book on UnConventional


I found [In/Exhale] last night and have been reading almost non-stop from beginning to end. You are a masterful story-teller and have an exceptional command of your subject matter. I don’t think I have ever read anything this good online before.

-Cora Sanders on In/Exhale

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