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Polarity Review

DIG024823_1._SX640_QL80_TTD_Title: Polarity

Writer: Max Bernis

Art: Jorge Coelho

Available Digitally?: Yes

Genre: Superhero

Final Verdict: Buy, with reservations

My take: Using supernatural powers as a partial metaphor for the mania of bipolar disorder is a brilliant way to raise awareness for the disease, but the book falls short despite its attempt at lampooning the superhero genre.

Many people who experience a manic episode report feeling special, powerful, invincible. But what if those feelings weren’t delusions? What if, during a manic episode, an individual really became a superhero?

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If I Had Wings Review

if_i_had_wings_xlgTitle: If I Had Wings

Director: Allan Harmon

Year Released: 2013

Available on Netflix (US)?: Yes

Final Verdict: Watch

If I Had Wings is far from the first movie to feature a blind character, and it isn’t the first to feature a blind teen boy. In fact, the trio of the two boys and the girl reminded me a little of the Brazilian film Love is Blind, although Alex (Richard Harmon, The 100), the blind teen in this film, isn’t gay. With the sports theme of this film, I was worried it would fall into a lot of the tropes of the genre, and probably would end up being pure inspiration porn.

However, I was immensely surprised to find that If I Had Wings actually portrays blindness realistically and is pretty disability-positive.

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