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In/Exhale ~ Update

Hey, all. I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me here. I’m slowly getting back into writing again (yay), and hope I can be somewhat productive this year and will be able to stay on my medication that … Continue reading

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In/Exhale on PD (Broken Links)

Awhile back, Paradevo moved the story blog to a completely different site. While they did archive the old blog with all the old posts, it means none of the previous links work. This means you can’t use any saved bookmarks … Continue reading

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Still Here, Barely

I’m still around. It’s been a rough couple years. My insurance doesn’t want to pay for a vast majority of my medical expenses, and my chronic illness has gotten worse as a result. Therefore, I’ve been feeling too ill/exhausted to … Continue reading

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In/Exhale Season 3 – Posting Here After All

So I know I said in my last post that I wouldn’t be posting In/Exhale Season 3 here anymore because it was just too long to play well with wordpress. Well, I finally found a way to embed the documents directly … Continue reading

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