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Perfect World, Vol. 1 & 2 Review

perfectworldcoverTitle: Perfect World

Author: Rie Aruga

Available Digitally?: Yes

Genre: Josei (Romance) Manga

Series Complete?: Ongoing

Final Verdict: Buy

Preview?: Read the first chapter here.

My take: A surprisingly heart-wrenching, realistic exploration of romance with a paraplegic.

I’ve been reading a lot of manga lately, because I’ve missed reading so much over the past four years (due to my constant headache), and the advantage of graphic media is there’s less text (and thus less eye strain), yet I can still enjoy stories. I’ve fallen in love with manga in particular because it’s long enough to tell a meaty story and it’s serialized, and I hate having to say good-bye to my favorite characters.

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across Perfect World, a manga about a young woman (Tsugumi Kawana) who runs into her high-school crush (Itsuki Ayukawa) and is surprised to find out they not only work in the same industry (he’s an architect and she’s an interior designer), but that he’s now a paraplegic.

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To Each Her Own Review

Title: To Each Her Own

Author: Molly Mirren

Available in eBook?: Yes

Genre: Contemporary M/F Romance

Final Verdict: Buy

My Take: The subject of devoteeism–people who have a sexual attraction to disability–isn’t tackled often in the media. Ruth Madison’s novel (W)hole, (second edition reviewed here) is in some ways a pioneer in the genre, and a couple films have also touched on the subject, but usually not so much from the perspective of the devotees themselves. To Each Her Own, for better or worse, makes devoteeism a central conflict, as it continually drives the two love birds, Jay and Erin, apart and together, apart and together, like metallic pendulum balls in those desktop “executive toys.”

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A Helping of Love Review

Title: A Helping of Love (Love #3)

Author: Andrew Grey

Available in eBook?: Yes

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Final Verdict: Skip

My Take: A Helping of Love is a hard book for me to review. On one hand, I appreciate Mr. Grey’s attempts to create a sympathetic paraplegic main character who’s comfortable with his disability, and for portraying him as a sexual being. I also appreciate the fact that said disability isn’t glossed over. However, it seemed blatantly obvious to me that very little–if any–research was done for this book, both in SCI and related aspects. Add to the fact that the writing felt a bit stilted and I never did feel like I connected with the characters, and it’s hard for me to recommend.

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