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In/Exhale on PD (Broken Links)

Awhile back, Paradevo moved the story blog to a completely different site. While they did archive the old blog with all the old posts, it means none of the previous links work. This means you can’t use any saved bookmarks … Continue reading

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Still Here, Barely

I’m still around. It’s been a rough couple years. My insurance doesn’t want to pay for a vast majority of my medical expenses, and my chronic illness has gotten worse as a result. Therefore, I’ve been feeling too ill/exhausted to … Continue reading

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I’m still alive

I know I haven’t been active on here or twitter lately. There are a lot of reasons for that but I am not going into it here right now. I have been posting regularly on Tumblr: and AO3: I … Continue reading

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Worlds Collide: An Update

I’ve been criticized before for In/Exhale, that Kai simply has too much “bad” on his plate. That nothing ever seems to go right for him, and frankly, that’s sort of the theme of his life. Partially because everything is connected, and … Continue reading

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Sex Scene Championship – Vote For Me!

Hey, everyone! I’ve entered a sex scene competition with one of the sex scenes from In/Exhale! I’d appreciate it if you could vote for me! How to vote for me: 1. Go to 2. Read the excerpt (if you want!) then … Continue reading

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It’s Been A While…

I haven’t disappeared. I swear. I’ve been here. Reading. Writing.

…Just not ​here​ here. Continue reading

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Hello. I’m Chie Alemán, and this is my author portal. I call it that because it’s a place for me to keep you up-to-date on my latest writing, but it’s more than that. I hope to post reviews and writing … Continue reading

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