Quick Update

My health has been bad the last few years, which is partly why this blog has been so neglected lately. I’ve had to put all my original work on hold, including In/Exhale for the time being.

However, I am still as active as I can be on tumblr and AO3, so you can find me there for now. Hopefully, next year will be better and I can get back to some of my OW projects.

I do have a new fan fic you might enjoy that I’ve been focusing on this year to help me get through things; it’s an AU so you do not need to know the source as it’s all but an original work.

It’s called Synchronize and is about a chronically ill man who needs full-time nursing care but hasn’t had good luck with medical help and ends up hiring a nurse who changes his life.

Thank you to all of you who continue to follow and support me and my work despite all that.

I’ve also deleted a few spam posts. Apologies I didn’t notice them sooner.

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