I’m still alive

I know I haven’t been active on here or twitter lately. There are a lot of reasons for that but I am not going into it here right now.

I have been posting regularly on Tumblr: http://plague-of-insomnia.com and AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/users/chiealeman/pseuds/plague%20of%20insomnia

I am not abandoning any of my original work. I am still planning to finish the first draft of Love UnSeen (hopefully by the end of this year if not sooner) and I will continue In/Exhale, with Season 4 most likely being pushed into 2020 (sorry). I don’t have any plans for the ebook of S3 right now, but that will definitely happen. (I need to find a new cover artist as mine had to take a leave of absence.)

I’ve added a KO-FI button! I’m going to try to use it to raise money for the cover art since I need to pay an artist to make one. If you enjoy In/Exhale, I would love if you could spare $3 or more toward the cause!

Anyway, that’s just a super-quick update. I’m going to see my specialist in NY in a few weeks, and I’m hoping he’ll consider adjusting my meds. We’ll see how I do. Thanks to those of you who still follow me. I appreciate it!

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2 Responses to I’m still alive

  1. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Chie: I read UnConventional years ago and loved it, but I’ve misplaced my copy. I’d love to get it again, preferable on Kindle, but it’s like it’s vanished. Can you tell me if there’s a way to have/borrow a copy? Thank you.

    • Chie Alemán says:

      I’m so glad you liked it! My publisher went out of business and I haven’t republished it yet… Did you originally buy it on kindle (via amazon)? Feel free to email me directly if you’d like– chiealeman@gmail.com . I’ll get this sorted for you one way or another 🙂

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