About Me

5r_rrquinta3-2Who I Am

Just a crazy Cuban American who’s always loved to write, even before I learned how. I live in Houston with my husband and four Chihuahuas. I love to read, write (of course), and play video games. I’m semi-fluent in Spanish and functionally fluent in ASL (American Sign Language). Drop me a line via social media or email. I don’t bite! I leave that up to my dogs.

My Mission

Our society has a stigma, a taboo: people with disabilities are asexual–or worse, non-sexual–beings. Anyone who has known anyone with a disability of any kind knows this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Having a disability is no reason not to enjoy everything that any able person enjoys–and that includes love and sex.

Unfortunately, very few novels feature disabled heroes; fewer still seek to rise above the simple “inspirational” or “pity” storylines we see so often.

I seek, in my own small way, to remedy this by writing romantic and erotic-romantic stories featuring heroes with disabilities of all kinds, including congenital, inherited, and acquired, both physical and mental.

Everyone deserves to find love, and everyone deserves to be happy, regardless of his or her situation.

My Themes

Recurring themes you’ll see in my fiction include:

  • Family (especially the struggle between oneself and one’s family and close bonds between siblings)
  • Hiding/Secrets
  • Searching/Finding (often oneself) and Self Acceptance
  • Loss (whether of a person, oneself, or anything else)
  • Outsiders (characters who find themselves caught between worlds or factions)
  • Guilt

My Name

“Chie” (pronounced “chee-eh”) is a Japanese name associated with wisdom and blessing, depending on which characters you write it with.

“Alemán” (pronounced “Al-eh-MAHN”) is a Spanish surname meaning “German.”

As a Cuban-American writer, you will occasionally see aspects of my heritage and the Spanish language make its way into my novels.