Hey, everyone! Thanks for helping make a great launch week for UnConventional. Thanks for all your support and feedback. I really appreciate it! Instead of a blog post with more music or something else, I wanted to do a little update to let you know where I am and what’s new here on the blog, etc.

First thing’s first: UnConventional is now available from most major ebook retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, KOBO, and more. Check out my page dedicated to the book for a current link of all sites where you can purchase.

Second, UnConventional is now on Goodreads, and I’m now an official Goodreads author. Feel free to add the book to your shelves and become a fan if you enjoy my books! I’ll probably be adding In/Exhale to my list of books at some point in the near future.

Speaking of, a friend recently jabbed me about S2 of I/E–“When are you going to publish the ebook?!” So I’m currently working on the final touches of In/Exhale: Season Two ebook right now. I’m reading through it to check for formatting issues and so forth, and should have it up soon–though I’m tempted to use fiverr to have a new cover made, which could delay the release. We’ll see.

I’m also actively working on S3, though I still don’t have a feeling for when I’ll be able to start posting again. I’m still hopeful I’ll make it before year’s end, but it’s possible that it’ll get pushed back until next year. I promise that when I do have it ready, I’ll post every week faithfully to make up for it!

I also hope to start doing a weekly feature on a character from the series, which will be compiled into a Character Guide so you can easily refresh your memory on the huge cast.

What else… Oh, you can now follow my blog via RSS here, and it’s also now synced with Goodreads, too. So if you become my fan, you’ll get updates for this blog in your email, if you want.

Oh, and I joined Pinterest, too, where I post anything that catches my fancy, really, though I use it a lot as a good place to keep my “writerly inspiration” type images and references all in one place.

I also now have a “Contact Me” page where you can fill out a form about anything you might want to talk to me about.

Last, but definitely not least, I DO have a plan for NaNoWriMo this year. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to devote to it with school, but I do plan on working on a new project. I’ll share more about that next week.

Additionally, I’ve pulled UnDeniable (the sequel to UnConventional) off the back burner, and will also be working on that over the next few months.

Again, I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. If you enjoyed UnConventional, I’d really appreciate if you could write a review at the website of your choice. It would really help me out. 🙂

Don’t forget, I’m pretty active on twitter, so you can always catch me on there and say hello if you want!

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