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Hey all, I know I’ve not been on twitter or here much. The last few years have been tough and this one isn’t much better.

My disease is super super rare; the main disease has an incidence of maybe 1-2 in a million and I have an even rarer subtype they’re only now identifying. Needless to say, no doctor wants to manage me because I’m so complicated. I have not been able to find anyone in the entire state of Texas to treat me and am beginning to run out of options. I haven’t had my treatment since early January, and it’s looking like it’s unlikely I’ll get it this year with how things are going.

So 2024 will probably be another year in which I am not able to write or do much. I’m sorry. I know you’ve been waiting for a lot of stuff from me. Believe me, I am incredibly frustrated and upset.

I will proceed with plans to post S3 of In/Exhale on AO3 (first two seasons are now there already in full), though it may be a few weeks from now until I’m able to get that rolling.

As always, thank you to those who have stuck by me and continue to support my work. If you’re used to my original work, you may want to check out my AO3. Most of my works are AUs that are practically original works, and most of my recent stuff involve characters with chronic illness or disability, so if you’re missing my writing, you may like what I have posted there.

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