In/Exhale: Season Two eBook Available Now!


The long wait is finally over!

I know, I know, I promised this months ago, but between school and my headache situation, I wasn’t able to spend the time to make sure the formatting was perfect this time around. I’ve learned a lot since I released the Season One ebook, and I’m pretty sure everything should be working great regardless of the format you chose. I even managed to get the PDF file to include a working table of contents this time around!

So you can now download In/Exhale: Season Two in ebook form for your platform of choice. EPUB works best for non-kindle devices, MOBI for kindles, and PDF if you prefer to read on your tablet or PC.


Feel free to download and enjoy. Just in time to catch up for Season 3, which will begin posting NEXT WEEK!!

(I’m really excited about this, guys.)


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