I’m still here…

I know I haven’t been good about keeping my “one post a week” pledge, but I’ll admit I’ve been feeling really stressed and a bit stuck lately.

Hoping that’ll remedy itself soon. I’ve been trying to read over some of the draft of Remnants to see if I can pick that back up again.

Here’s a quote from Marshall from this very early draft. I feel like it encompasses him really well. Marshall isn’t interested in anything serious, because things are safer that way. Any guy he sees as potentially too “clingy,” he’ll avoid seeing a second time, no matter how good the sex was. He calls these guys “adhesions,” as he explains:

An adhesion is a type of scarring that occurs internally, especially after abdominal surgery. It causes organs and tissues to stick together, and can lead to intense pain and serious, sometimes long-term complications. Studying adhesions–why they form and how to better prevent them–is one of the research areas for the lab back in College Station. But the best way to ensure you never develop them? Don’t have yourself cut open in the first place.

Anyway, I’m hoping I can get out of this funk soon and complete the drafts of this book and Az Monster within the next few months, as well as go back to UnDeniable. And hopefully post a bit more here and on twitter.

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